Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Louisville Kentucky

hardwood floor refinishing

Have your hardwood floors seen better days? Hardwood floor refinishing service also known as screening and recoating can be a great way to revitalize and protect your hardwood floors. Most hardwood floors are protected by polyurethane. This coating breaks down over time especially in high traffic areas of your floor (entryways, kitchens are great places to keep an eye out). If your floors has a great deal of minor scratches, areas in the floor where it look dull and scuffed up it may be a good idea to consider our hardwood floor refinishing service.

It is important to understand what hardwood floor refinishing can and can’t do for your hardwood floors. If your floors have light scratches, small marks or scuffs, dull areas you are in luck hardwood floor refinishing is probably a perfect fit for you. However, if you have water damage, deep gouges in the wood, pet stain damage it is important to understand that while hardwood floor refinishing will improve the look and feel of your floor that type of damage is permanent. Even sanding cannot solve bad water damage or pet stain damage problems. Sanding will help with deep gouges in your floors. In some cases wood replacement may be necessary.

The benefits of hardwood floor refinishing are that the cost is significantly less than hardwood floor sanding. We charge $2.00 Sq.Ft. for hardwood floor refinishing. Most of the time you are looking at a minimum of $4.00 – $5.00 a Sq.Ft. for hardwood floor sanding. Sanding takes multiple days to complete while refinishing is complete in 1 day (although you do have to give appropriate time for the polyurethane to cure).

To learn more about our process for please visit our hardwood floor refinishing service page. We are a locally owned and operated company in Louisville, KY dedicated to providing quality service at a fair price to our customers. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (502) 702-1270 if we can help.

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