Pet Stain and Odor Treatment

pet stain

Our pets are not just friends but part of the family. Everyone who has had a dog understands the look that means you are about to walk into a room and find something out of place. It could be the old trick of tearing something to shreds or maybe a potty accident. While we cannot help with the first scenario we can help with the potty accident. Stat Carpet Cleaning has the capability to treat pet stains and neutralize odors.

Pet treatment is a regular service we provide for our customers in Jefferson County, Ky and surrounding areas. In many cases we are called in after another carpet cleaning company has already provided service and told the customer they did all they could. The most common problems we find tend to be not using proper cleaning solutions designed for pet urine and odor or covering the entire area where the spots are located, not giving the solution proper time to dwell and soak down into the padding of the carpet (carpet cleaners that zip in and out), and even a few customers where the carpet was left soaking wet and did not dry for multiple days after the cleaning (Note: Depending on the type of equipment used carpets cleaned should dry within 12-24 hours). Our dry times typically range between 6-8 hours depending on environmental conditions.

One of the biggest differences between Stat Carpet Cleaning and other companies providing pet treatment services is that we take our time, apply a generous amount of pet-treatment solution to the entire room we are cleaning, and give the solution plenty of time to dwell. In addition, after applying the pet treatment we use a rotary scrubbing machine to more evenly distribute the solution and help it work down into the carpet padding. The final step is steam cleaning and again we take our time. Airflow is another important factor for helping carpet dry times and is particularly important with pet treatment jobs.

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